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KURANDA ORIGINAL RAINFOREST MARKETS are unique and diverse, deeply immersed in local history and culture.Situated in World Heritage rainforest, these markets had their humble beginnings in 1978 organized by a group of local hippy artists and crafts people. The original marketeers had to pay for the operation of their own train service for two seasons, to prove commercial viability of the service to the Queensland Railway Department. These markets put Kuranda on the map, cementing itís reputation as an exotic rainforest destination for local and international visitors.

Today the Original Markets has retained itís atmosphere, with many local artists and personalities making the market part of their lifestyle. Many of the current marketeers have been involved in the markets during the course of the last 25 Ė 30 years.

Their local knowledge and expertise is second to none. This market also has a strong eco-conscious ethic with organic, recycled, natural, holistic and remedial products available here. Crafts people still flock to this mountain top oasis to display their beautifully hand crafted wares. Hand picked and made just for you.

Renovated in 2005, this market has lost none of itís rustic charm, featuring tropical gardens, gourmet regional fare, contemporary arts and crafts and even a mini golf course. You are sure to enjoy exploring this truly memorable destination
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